About us



URBANFOOD is a family owned company, fostering healthy lifestyle traditions. We produce functional food products, such as a variety of fruit, vegetable and seed powder and corn sticks. It is a blend of European "super-food" and "fast food". We assure you that these are innovative products of the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists.

URBANFOOD mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, produce only health-friendly products and help to find new, natural flavours. Our products can help to enrich the diet with plant-based vitamins and minerals for busy people and the ones who are always on the run.

All of our products are made only from vegetables, fruit, herbs and berries grown in Lithuania*. Lithuania has long traditions of an organic lifestyle. There are plenty of fresh, evergreen pine forests, as well as placid and clear lakes. Therefore, our products are recognized and appreciated around the world.

*Lithuania is in the very centre of Europe, which is easy and convenient to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe.

URBANFOOD products are perfect for people who prefer healthy, vegan, vegetarian or raw food diet. The products do not contain any preservatives, colour additives, sweeteners, sugar, wheat or other chemicals.

URBANFOOD products have the Keyhole label. The Keyhole is a voluntary Nordic label for food. Compared to other foods of the same type, products with the Keyhole comply with one or more of these requirements: more dietary fibre; less saturated fat; less salt; less sugar. Food with the Keyhole is for all healthy people – adults, teenagers and children. The Keyhole is for you who want a healthier diet.


Awards and Recognition

We are proud to introduce the products that have become national winners of the competition of European Business Ideas and International competition Quality Innovation of the Year 2015


Promptness in making decisions

Highly-competent employees

All URBANFOOD employees are professionals in their field who work in close collaboration with the scientists from Aleksandras Stulginskis University (University of Agriculture) while developing new products.


As a growing and innovative company, we can implement integrated solutions, attract experts and develop a greater variety of products.


We are motivated by the opportunity to become leaders while developing innovative products and applying the latest technologies of food production. We are also proud to contribute to projects that help our customers grow and develop.