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  • Improve your health with this potent nutraceuticalThe term ‘nutraceutical’ refers to a food that has medicinal benefits. Blackcurrants have been rumored to have these qualities for centuries. Traditional healers used them for conditions such as arthritis, liver disease, kidney stones, gout, inflammation of the mouth, stomach and bowel disorders, lung ailments, fatigue, and as a diuretic. But it’s only in recent decades that scientists have begun to seriously investigate the healing and protective powers of this remarkable fruit. Our ancestors were definitely on to something – the health benefits of blackcurrants are now being confirmed by solid scientific evidence.
  • Blackcurrant powder is made by drying berries in low temperature and then grinding them.
  • Colour – dark purple.
  • Aroma – mild, sweet-sour.
  • Taste – typical currant-like.
  • Consistency – heavily loose.
  • All URBANFOOD products are made in accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice.


✓Vegan ✓Gluten Free ✓Lactose Free ✓No Preservatives ✓No colour additives ✓No added flavouring ✓No Added Sugar ✓ non-GMO ✓The product contains natural sugars


Country of origin: Lithuanian farm


How to use: perfect for desserts, baking, smoothies or juice. Can be mixed with water or eaten straight. You can also enjoy tea of excellent flavour. 1-2 of teaspoonful of currant powder is enough per day. 

Fields of use: hot and cold beverages, instant beverages, ice tea, tea and infusions, beverages with milk,  yoghurt , shakes, spray whipped cream; ice cream, sherbets, ice cream preparations, semifreddos; desserts, flairs (cold desserts), puddings, creams; sweet and salted pastry, bakery products, cakes, biscuits; cake and sweets preparations, icing, creams and fillings; filled chocolate, pralines, fruit jellies, sugared almonds, candies; nougats; dietetic dishes, baby foods, supplements, over-the-counter medicines, nutraceuticals; jams and marmalades.


Equivalent: 1 teaspoonful of blackcurrant powder = 100 g fresh blackcurrant 


Ingredients: 100% dried blackcurrant.

Storage: should be stored in a dark cool place. Always keep the packaging closed as to avoid contamination.

Important is a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Colour and flavour can vary due to seasonal fluctuations.

Net weight: 80 g.


Nutrition facts:

product nutritional

energy value per 100 g



of which are sugars



Potassium (K)

Phosphorus (P)

Iron (Fe)

Vitamin B6


283 kcal

0,27 g

74,08 g

67,28 g

6,8 g

4,08 g

892 mg (743%*)

125 mg (16%*)

3,26 mg (23%*)

0,3 (15%*)

*Reference average adult daily intake (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).



To blend 2 small bananas, 2 teaspoons blackcurrant powder, 0,5 teaspoon melissa lemon, 300 ml water or coconut water, 4 soaked dates or 1 spoon honey.