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Corn sticks with amaranth seeds, 100 G. + VAT (21%), ACTION

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It is known that humankind has valued amaranth as a gift of nature for more than 8000 years. This beautiful and valuable plant has been cultivated almost all over the world. The ancient Greeks considered amaranth as the symbol of immortality. Ancient Mayan and Inca civilizations enjoyed amaranth, and the Aztecs used it in their holy rituals. Amaranth fans affirm that its powers are even comparable to those of ginseng.

Corn sticks with amaranth seeds is a great source of proteins, which also contains minerals (K, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, etc.), and is high in fiber, low in saturated fats. This product contains no added sugar or fat and is free from lactose and wheat.


Ingredients: corn grain 69,82%, amaranth seeds 30%, salt.


Storage instructions: store at 18±80 C temperature and relative humidity below 65%. Keep away from long-term direct sunlight, as the product may discolour and lose nutritional properties.


Nutrition facts:

Product nutritional energy value per 100 g

Energy value: 1667kJ/394kcal

Fat: 3,3 g

of which are saturated fatty acids: 0,7 g

Carbohydrate: 76 g

of which are sugars: 1,5 g

Fiber: 6,1 g

Protein: 12 g

Salt:  0,2g

Minerals: K 240mg (12%*), Ca 170mg (21.2%*), Mg 130mg (34.7%*), P 270mg (38.6%*), Fe 3.2mg (22.9%*), Mn 1.3 mg (65%*), Cu 0.3 mg (30%*), Se 11 ìg (20%*), Zn 2 mg (20%*)

* of reference intakes. Average adult’s reference intakes for a day are 8400 kJ/2000 kcal